Zenescope Partners with EPIK Prime & Second Life for Their 1st NFT Drop!

Here is another exciting crossover brought to you by the leading global licensing agency connecting brands with triple-A games. Zenescope Entertainment partners with Second Life and EPIK Prime to create a Zenescope Metaverse inside the game and bring an awesome new collection of digital collectibles to its users, respectively.

Ralph Tedesco, co-founder of Zenescope Entertainment, said, “In Second Life, you can play out your own stories in the Zenescope universe. You’re one of the main characters and to me, the feeling of that is just amazing! Being able to live inside of a game, you’re writing your own story. I think some people need to realize there’s really no limits to what you can do.”

Zenescope Entertainment is a comic book and graphic novel publishing company based in Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA and was founded by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco in 2005. They publish full-color action, fantasy and horror titles of all-time-favorite characters such as Gretel (of Hansel and Gretel), Cinderella, and Van Helsing to name a few.

To celebrate their 16th anniversary in the publishing industry, Zenescope Entertainment will be dropping their first-ever NFT collection consisting of nine (9) digital assets that represent 9 of their famous comic book characters with the help of EPIK Prime through an exclusive crossover with Second Life. This collaboration solidifies Zenescope Entertainment’s presence among its competitors as the pioneer in the publishing industry who has integrated blockchain technology into their brand.

Here is what players can expect on the Zenescope metaverse:

  • There are lots of references to Zenescope heroes and villains around. E.g. the humongous Jabberwocky.

To know more about the Zenescope Universe inside Second Life, you can visit: https://secondlife.com/community/zenescope

You can also catch this news coverage on the interview with Zenescope Co-founder Ralph Tedesco and character Cinderella Monroe as they chat live from the Zenescope Metaverse within Second Life.

You can also visit Epik Prime at www.epikprime.com to check out this one-of-a-kind partnership and NFT drop.

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